iOS | SwiftUI | Core Data

Kata is a flashcard app aimed at language learning, available on the App Store.


Kata is a simple flashcard app, similar to Anki. The main distinction is that Kata’s tests force the user to use their keyboard to type out their answers. This reinforces vocab learning with spelling at the same time. Furthermore, Kata will automatically try to use the language’s keyboard if you have it installed. This can be very helpful when learning a language with an unfamiliar keyboard.

Future Work

I cut back a few features I had previously been working on when I was trying to get this app ready for the App Store. Some of these included:

  • Importing decks of cards, including from Anki’s .apkg format
  • Using Google Translate for translation suggestions when creating cards
  • Improved statistics and historical test data
  • An algorithm to test the user on their weakest cards